The influence of our company's products on the market

2017-09-26 17:41:14

The influence of our company's products on the market
1), the Andes company from research and development to officially put into operation after 18 months of time, mechanical design and industrial systems are in use at present relatively stable system, and has a number of patented technologies, it is also proved that the ANDES company requirements for their product quality is extremely strict, is determined to build the brand the fact is in all respects invested a great deal of energy.
2) our goal is to enable an employee to control a corrugated cardboard production line cadre equipment, we insist on product design, R & D, quality control, the essence of intentions is to do the optimization of equipment.
3) at present, the company is pushing high-end star products, and will not pursue mass production, so that it will stagger competition on the domestic market and other manufacturers, and we also welcome cooperation.
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