Technical parameters:

• Proxima Double Level Dry End Capacity: Able to handle 600 dry end order changes with production over 350000m2
• in a 12 hours production
• Single Level Dry End Order Change Speed: 300m/min
• Double Level Dry End Order Change Speed: 260m/min
• Liquid cooling servo motors with low inertia parts coupled with common dc bus and energy feedback system that
• enables to save more than 25% of electric power
• Self-developed state of art DCS control system with complete integration of electrical, electronic and mechanical manufacturing that truly complies with Industrial 4.0
• Using EtherCat communication technique for logic, simple and high machinery functionality concept for complete line
Higher trim savings of 0.5%, 40% less paper width stock inventory and increase of productivity of 35% of a double
• level dry end system as compared to a single level dry end system

Single Level Dry-end:

Double Level Dry-end:

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