Long lasting care

ANDES, as a true partner for its customers, focuses particular attention to the continuing high productivity and efficiency of the corrugator line.

The provision of specialised technical assistance and the utilisation of original  ANDES spare parts are fundamental to preserving the long life and production efficiency of your corrugator line.

For these reasons we have focused our attention on our actual customer needs and so we have invested heavily in the development of bespoke service programs and preventative maintenance contracts to guarantee such services using the latest innovative technology and highest quality products.

Highly qualified  ANDES technicians carry out a detailed diagnosis and technical analysis of your machines so they can propose personalised maintenance steps to be carried as agreed with the customer. At the end of each maintenance service visit our technicians will issue a detailed maintenance report on all work carried out as well as highlighting an advisory bulletin on what parts should be replaced in the near future to maintain the long-term reliability and operation of the machine.

This extremely expert and experienced team is constantly in contact with our entire customer base to share production experiences to be in a position to suggest relevant and applicable upgrades to existing machines with the aim of continuously improve machine performance whilst reducing operating and maintenance costs.
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